The Neroes cartoon made it on TV! Well it’s a public access television station … in Alaska … probably late at night … but it still counts.

Jeff Warren of AKTV Underground contacted me a few months ago to ask whether he could include the Neroes cartoon done in Mario Paint on his TV show. He would have to re-edit it to remove any copyrighted music but I wholeheartedly agreed. A few weeks ago he uploaded the episode to YouTube for me to see.

As you can see he did an excellent job with the re-edit. If you compare it to the Special Edition you will see he added in synthesized voices for the characters (something I never considered), changed out the music and sound effects, and cut down some of the content for pacing. Surprisingly he got it down to a tight 14 minutes compared to the full 28 minutes of the original. Although edited down by 50% I would be hard pressed to find any significant deletions to the story. Most of the time was made up by speeding up some of the sequences. I admittedly let some scenes linger onscreen for longer than they should. If you spend over an hour creating a scene that only stays onscreen for a few seconds, you tend to let it simmer for a while. As a result getting a third party to edit your content is probably for the best.

You can find Jeff on YouTube or Twitter.